Attention @realDonaldTrump: Hugh Hewitt Blew It

Popular conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt – who tied Donald Trump to the whipping post recently over Middle East affairs, then folded like origami when he was criticized for it – took to Politico yesterday to do the crystal ball thing on presidential odds.

Hugh Hewitt gives Donald Trump 25 percent shot at winning nomination


Hugh Hewitt—who (in)famously challenged Donald Trump’s iffy knowledge of world affairs in a headline-grabbing interview with the front-runnerthinks Trump has just a 25 percent chance of winning the GOP nomination.

He gives Trump about the same odds as cash-rich, poll-poor Jeb Bush.

That leaves a 50 percent chance of a who-the-hell-knows winner . . .

But still leaves Trump top-of-the-heap. Not to get technical about it.

Regardless, Hewitt also said this:

“I put Walker, Rubio, Fiorina and Cruz as possibly running the board in the next level. And I don’t know if the other ones actually have paths forward.”

That piece of punditry was posted around noon yesterday. Six hours later, Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race.

So much for Hugh Hewitt’s political perceptiveness.

Meanwhile . . . hey, @realDonaldTrump, where’s the payback for Hewitt’s humiliating you on national radio? Or are you too busy air-kissing with Hewitt now to call him out?

That’s right, Mr. GOP Hair Apparent – we’re calling you out.

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3 Responses to Attention @realDonaldTrump: Hugh Hewitt Blew It

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  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Question for you, John:

    Are Trump’s qualifications in foreign policy any different from Obama’s qualifications in 2008?

    Or are you arguing that we shouldn’t be subjected to two presidents in a row who have little knowledge and little interest in foreign affairs?


    • dustup2016 says:

      First of all, Mudge: Thanks for reading my new shiny object.

      Second, I’m not saying anything about Donald Trump except this: I definitely would not want him to be my landlord.

      P.S. I wouldn’t want Obama to be my landlord, either, for the obvious reason that he really doesn’t like – you know – people.


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