Trump’s Strong-Arming Jeb Bush Donor Is BULLYs–t

As the dustupping staff noted yesterday, Donald Trump mouthpiece Alan Garten sent a cease-and-desist letter to Jeb Bush mega-donor Mike Fernandez threatening legal action if he published this ad calling Trump a BULLYionaire.


mikes ad


Regardless, the ad did run in the Miami Herald last Sunday according to the Daily Mail, with more supposed to come this weekend.

But first, some blowback on the blowhard.

Via Politico:


Trump’s threat to sue Bush donor backfires

Complaint to FEC faults Trump for using a company lawyer for campaign work.

Donald Trump’s threats to sue just sparked a bigger legal fight.

Charlie Spies, the Republican campaign-finance whiz who counsels PACs supporting Jeb Bush, is alleging that Trump illegally mixed business and politics when his corporate attorney warned the billionaire’s opponents that attack ads could trigger defamation lawsuits. The claim comes in a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission that was obtained exclusively by POLITICO.

Spies is “alleging that Trump crossed a line by using corporate resources to do his campaign’s ‘dirty work.'”

Undeterred, the GOP Hair Apparent has responded thusly:

“The Trump Organization has vigorously policed Mr. Trump’s brand and business interests for many years. Those rights are not forfeited by virtue of Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Going forward, the company will continue to zealously protect Mr. Trump’s brand and business interests wherever and whenever necessary. This is in no way any form of campaign activity and does not run afoul of federal election laws.”

Afoul, as it happens, is exactly the word we’d apply to the whole Trumpa lumpa going on here.

More to comepa lumpa, no doubt.

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